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God would have His people to be faithful workers, applying the skills, talents, and strengths that He has given to us to the work at hand.  There is ...View Details

The same work ethic that we are to have with regards to physical work translates to our spiritual lives.  We are to study and work at our understandi...View Details

Contentment- 10-9-2016 am

Learning to be content is a difficult task in this flesh, but something that we can learn how to do.  Ultimately contentment is the ability and desir...View Details

The sin of Covetousness goes far deeper than just the passing desire for someone else's possessions.  We need to address our growing desire for more ...View Details

We are surrounded by the common perceptions of life, but the unseen reality is that things are not always, or ever, how they seem to be.  We are surr...View Details

Six P’s- 10-2-2016 pm

Six comforting, assuring, and encouraging truths that the servant learned when His eyes were opened to see that those that were with them, were greate...View Details