Daniel’s Code #10

Daniel’s Code #9

Daniel’s Code #8

Daniel’s Code #7

Daniel’s Code #6

Seeing history unfold is a lot like see a replay of a game that you have already watched. Daniel 2 is the forecasting of all that we are seeing today,...View Details

Daniel’s Code #5

It would do us well to realize and express like Daniel that there is a God in Heaven that revealeth secrets! 

Daniel’s Code #4

Daniel’s Code #3

Part of Daniel's secret was knowing where and when to draw the line of separation between what the culture wanted him to do and to be and what God had...View Details

Daniel’s Code #2

Culture sought to change Daniel's language, learning, lifestyle, loyalties and even his name! Babylon wanted to cancel Daniel! We are experiencing the...View Details

Daniel’s Code #1

We are not the first to have to deal with a culture that has lost it's way and is crumbling! Daniel shows us how live in the midst of ungodliness, hon...View Details

Every knee shall bow unto Jesus Christ, but what about to other things, causes, or ideologies.

Worthy/Unworthy 5-3-2020

We know we are unworthy of the least of God's wonderful mercy, love, and grace, but does this mean that we are completely worthless? Can we be worhtle...View Details

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