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It is often said, "There is no Time like the Present"!  That cannot be more true when applied to our present circumstances in the service of the Lord...View Details

This is Bro. Mike's last installment in His series on Ephesians!  It has been a great blessing and encouragement!

Christ has not called us to just be religious, or part-time Christians, He has called us to be Disciples.  We need to be committed to the cause of be...View Details

If we are not to be looking back then we are to be looking forward!  Even in this dark, Evil and Sinful day we have so much to look forward to.  We ...View Details

Denying themselves, taking up their crosses, and following Christ were Peter, James, and John as they ascended the mount of Transfiguration.  The jou...View Details

After the glories experienced by Peter, James, and John they had to leave the mountain and begin the trek down.  On the down side of the mountain the...View Details

Ethos: The representative characteristics, beliefs, and aspirations of a people, culture, or society.  The definition of being a Christian Disciple h...View Details

Green Berets, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Delta Force, Marine Force Recon, and the Night Stalkers, are all Special force units within the US armed Fo...View Details