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What does the bible say about defending one's life and well-being?  Are we allowed to use weapons or force?  Is life worth defending?  The answer m...View Details

Paralyzing fear grips the disciples as they take a journey directed by Christ.  This fear causes them to think that Christ does not care.  Christ al...View Details

Bro. Mike teaches about the need to maintain and nurture our Personal relationship with Christ.  Most of the time our relationship is professional in...View Details

A woman comes to the feet of Christ and there expresses her Love and Admiration for Christ.  This stands in contrast to how Christ's host treats Him....View Details

Christ cannot be deceived and will not be deceived by those that look, the part and do works in His name.  Only faith in Christ will save, nothing el...View Details

Christ invites us to "Come unto ME" as our Mediator, as the one appointed of the Father to represent Him and as we trust Him by Faith, us also.

Broad and Narrow, Wide and strait, Destruction and Life are contrasted in Matthew 7:13-14.

In a little known Jewish city at the Gate, Christ shows His power over death!

We need to be engaged in our relationship with the Father, by Asking, Seeking, and Knocking, and then trusting Him to take care of us.