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We have heard much great preaching on the Word of God, we know that we have it in our KJV bibles.  Let the world mock it, society demean it, and reli...View Details

SS - 2-20-2019 Bro. John

Bro. John delves into more verses on The Word of God and modern Perversions of Scripture. 

Psalm 119- 2-19-2019 pm

Join us as the men help Pastor read through Psalm 119!

Marriage is among the greatest things that God has given to us, and is the pinnacle of all human relations.  We need to give our all and heeding thes...View Details

Just as the operation of our physical bodies is dependant upon the rythmic constriction of our physical heart, so to is the seat of our emotions to ou...View Details

Pastor Horn Ends a quick survey of the book of Ruth.

A man named Shimei himbles himself before King David to seek salvation and deliverance from the only one it could arise from.  These two had met befo...View Details

Oh what wonderful effects are felt in the heart and life of the man who is granted the grace of repentance unto Salvation.  Join us as we continue al...View Details

Pastor Horn leads a quick survey through the book of Ruth as He fills in for the Adult SS class.